Friday, November 6, 2009

Prefect's Night and Eminem Updates

I'll make it short. Prefect's night was way better than last year's one. Maybe because of the location itself.
Seriously, I got so much to say but don't know how to say. Maybe I just don't know where to start from. So I'll sumarize everything into one word. Is that okay?
It was fun! There, that's it about the prefect's night. I'm more interested in writting about Eminem.

So, about Eminem, he won the 'Best Male' award for the recent Europe Music Awards 2009 and has agreed to perform on the 22nd of November for the American Music Awards 2009. He is also nominated in a few categories there. He will be competing with Michael Jackson in some of the categories!

I received the best news so far for this month! Eminem has landed a role in a new upcoming 3D Horror movie called 'SHADY TALEZ'. Full details about this will be coming soon! Can't wait to see Slim Shady on the big screen again!

Anyway, back to Prefect's Night, check out Super Seniors and my performance. Don't compare! They practiced and I did not!

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