Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dear Bitch

After reading this post, don't judge and say that I'm a bad person. This is just one of my ways to express my fucking anger burning inside. And also, this post consist of explicit contents and language. So leave if you can't handle it.

This post is dedicated to a bitch that is currently in the top of my 'I wanna murder this person's' list. It goes something like this.

Fuck you and your family and your rest of your fucked up self. You're one hell of a fucked up bitch that needs to be fuckin killed. Fuckin bitch, I hope you and your bloody hell pussy family rot piece by piece in hell till you scream your fucking head and your tiny fucked up lungs out. Wait for me at your funeral cause I'll come and laugh my ass off looking at your fucking smelly corpse. Here's one wish that I wished hard for you. I wish you died in a car crash and you suffer on the ground with your fucking mouth full of blood so you can fucking shut your god damn mouth up! Finally, have fun on your ride to hell!!

P.S: This is not just all! Wait for a song that will be specially be all about you!

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