Friday, March 19, 2010

My Pizza

So your parents are out and you're all by yourself at home at night. What do you do? Throw a party? Too risky. Watch a horror movie with all the lights off? No guts. So here's a suggestion. Cook!

Yes, I'll admit it that I somehow enjoy cooking and experimenting with food and drinks. Trust me, I've tried all sorts of crazy mixtures of drinks in my life. My favorite is still Milo powder added in Coca-Cola. So anyway, I'm all by myself and feeling super hungry and the idea of doing my own pizza popped out. So yeah, procedure in my house, have to call and ask my mom's permission to use the gas stove. I'll cut short and show you my Pizza first.

How is it? looks delicious? Shockingly it is. Haha.
So for the ingredients:
-KFC tomato sauce
-hot dog
-Parmesan cheese
-chili powder
-and a ready made 'roti canai'

So yeah, while enjoying my delicious dinner, all of a sudden my dad came knocking on the door and handed this set of McDonald's Fillet-O-Fish to me and took off to wherever he was going. What a big waste of energy doing my pizza =.=

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