Thursday, April 15, 2010

22nd June

Another day that will be making history! Yes, it's official that Eminem's new album will be dropping! This is the best news so far for this year. My very fucked up year is now not so fucked up after all! Yesterday, Eminem tweeted that there is no Relapse 2( Which was initially the title of his new album) and the today he tweeted that his new album will be titled 'Recovery'

A fresh new style from the man himself will surely hit the charts! His last album 'Relapse' was kind of dissapointing and his songs from that album did not get much airplays. So, I am 100% sure that this album will make all the fuckers who said Hip-Hop died and Eminem is no more king come to their senses that Eminem is still the top in the game!

A new song titled 'Airplanes (part 2)' will be out on the 27th of April. It features Eminem, Hayley Williams (Lead singer from the band Paramore) and B.O.B. The 12 seconds snippet is already out and I can tell you it will be a hit! Trust me!

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