Saturday, July 4, 2009

Beautiful, Fish Ball and Michael

It's been a while since I last updated my blog. I guess the older i grow, the lazier I get. Never mind, I'm updating it now. There's allot of things that I want to blog about but I guess I'll save some for my next post.
I'll start of with my Eminem updates first. 2 days ago, his new music video was premiered in Yahoo Music. The title of the music video is Beautiful. It shows the softer side of him which I guess allot of people seem to like. As for me, I prefer him when his doing stupid stuff. Anyway, check out for yourself the video. It's all about Detroit City.

Next is Fish ball. Haha, sounds funny huh? Well, it is not actually. 2 days ago in The Star published a news about a boy who died because of a fish ball. I guess he did not chew properly and it got stuck in his throat. He suffocated and died. So as you can see, fish ball is deadly! Avoid fish balls !
I guess I'll move on to Michael Jackson now. I created a small and short poem for him. (Did it less than a minute!) Check it out.

Dear Michael Jackson,
You are thin and not fat as Jason,
Enjoying life in Heaven and not going for tuition,
You used to be as black as Mike Tyson,
But now you're white as a lotion,
So long and hopefully you'll be back on the next generation!

So, how is my poem? haha! That's it for now.

The next post on my blog will include
-A leaked video of Yen Wing in the school toilet (You won't want to miss this!)

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