Saturday, June 20, 2009


I was looking at my video files in my laptop and I found this video. My music video I did with Jun Ming 2 years ago for the Astro Nextgen Contentprenuer Awards. Even though I did not win anything, but I'm still very proud of this it! The song by the way is by Linkin Park. I posted this video in Youtube, but sadly they have taken down it beacause of the whole copyright thing! So, here, nobody got no rights to take down this video! I'll post the other music video I did later too. Title of the video is called 'Cranck That'. For that video, I made everything in 3D animation. Some people featured in that video are, Jason, Chow Hwee, Yee Leng, Aileen, Brenda, Yen Wing, and Jun Ming.
Anyway, here are some video shots of my Numb music video! Be sure to watch the video!

So, here's the video!

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