Monday, June 1, 2009

Fuck Sacha Baron Cohen

Well, to all of you people who don't know Sacha Baron Cohen is, he is the fucking gay Australian host!
Why I'm calling him a fucker you ask? Well, here it goes!
This morning, was the MTV Movie Awards 2009 in L.A. Even though Malaysia still haven't air this in the T.V, but I got all the updates since Eminem will be doing a performance.

Anyway, Eminem did a very good performance. I won't be writing much of the performance cause that did not steal the 'beast moments in the awards' thing. This Sacha Baron Cohen is the one who made headlines in every websites including Yahoo.

He did the most gayest thing ever and ended up getting punched and pushed. I'll tell you how it went. He was invited on stage to give the award for the best male performance. His entrance was different cause he came hanging in the air and flying with an angel costume. Suddenly halfway, he dropped down with his bare butt on Eminem's face! His costume was made in a way so that his ass can be seen! He then said 'Eminem, nice to meet you!' Eminem was fucking angry and you can hear him saying 'Are you serious? Are you fuckin serious man? Get the fuck out of my face!' After that can't hear anything cause they censored his wordings. So I'm guessing he was cussing all the way! It was chaotic when his bodyguards came and push that gay ass away. Eminem punched him and left the place with anger! Still cursing. His bodyguards were punching him too!The asshole than announced the winner which was Zac Efron in that awful position. As for Eminem, he said 'stupid motherfucker' and left the building!

This whole incident stole the whole show and I'm very sure to be the most unforgettable incident in an award show! Check the video out yourself! Here's some pictures of it too!

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