Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Exorcism of Anneliesse Michel

I was watching some videos in Youtube yesterday night and somehow I found this exorcism video of an Islam girl in Brunei. Honestly, I did not watch the whole video because it was midnight! Suddenly after watching that, I thought of the famous controversial show 'Exorcism of Emily Rose'. So, I searched some videos of that movie and I got so into it and decided to find for more. Just so you know, that show is based on a true story of Anneliesse Michel. So, I searched for that girl's video, who knows maybe they posted it. I found a couple of videos with still pictures of her during the process. The pictures were scary and pitiful, and the sounds made by the demons were spine chilling. I managed to find the actual sound. To Yee Leng and Aileen, the video that I sent last night was not the full tape and that sounded kind of fake. So, be sure to check out the actual audio that I have posted below. It's really scary and pitiful.

Anyway, I did some research on this girl and I won't be so stingy not to share with all of you. Haha. I'll summarize everything and only write about the juicy parts. She was born on September 21st, 1952 in Klingenberg, Bavaria, Germany and was raised in a strict Catholic family.

When she was about 16, Anneliese started experiencing devilish hallucinations while praying and started behaving bizarrely like tearing her clothes, ate coal, and licked up her own urine!
People believed that demons possessed her. According to the movie, six demons possessed her! The demon of all the demons among the 6 of them is Lucifer. Scary huh!
The attacks, however, did not stop. In fact, she would more often find herself paralyzed and falling unconscious than before. The exorcism continued over many months, always with the same prayers and incantations. The demons won't allow her to eat.

On July 1, 1976, Anneliese Michel died in her sleep. According to my research, she died of dehydration and lack of food. Just look at the pictures below and you'll see how much weight she lost.

Here, look at some of the pictures that I found. She was once a very beautiful girl. I seriously feel pity for this girl. May she finally find peace!

P.S. Warning! Do not watch this if you have faint heart. It is also advisable to watch in the day. Honestly, I did not even finish watching the whole video. It is very very disturbing.


and here's one of the scene from the Exorcism of Emily Rose movie.

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  1. really did u get that video n sound..? is that real or fake?