Friday, August 28, 2009

Cherating (part l)

Greetings from Cherating! Haha! Yes, I'm near Terengganu right now with my family! How I'm blogging you ask. Easy, simple technology called phone internet. Thank God there's wifi here. Not bad, I thought Terengganu is left out when it comes to technology. Guess I'm wrong. Hehe. Anyway, can't blog much cause phone internet is not my thing. Im using up so much time just to type these letters out. Currently waiting at the hotel lobby for this guy to inform us about the whole turtle coming from the sea to lay eggs thing. Been waiting here for like almost 3 hours just for these god damn turtles to get their ass out of the freakin beach.

Maybe I should start from the begining,from how the whole journey was organized to how we got here. Okay. The reason why we decided to visit Terengganu is mainly because we want to avoid some relatives to come and put a few nights in my house. Haha, long story so I'll shorten it up. Messy-Nuisance-troublesome. You will understand what I mean if people keep coming and staying in your house all of the time. The other reason why we're here is for holidays.

First planned to go to Pulau Tioman but for some reason, we changed our plan and ended up coming here. Main target was just to find and laze around in a beach. Since its hard to find any clean beautiful beaches in the west, so we came all the way to the east. The journey here took about 2 and the half hours. Trust me, you'll get the weird eerie feeling if you use the famous scary Karak Highway. Don't ask me why. Maybe because theres been alot of scary stories about this highway. Anyway, reached Cherating around 8pm and had trouble picking the right hotel/chalet to stay in. Finally found one near to the beach. Name of the hotel is Legend Hotel. Currently waiting in the lobby of this Hotel for the turtles! Some hote Philipino girls are entertaining all of us with their skimpy outfits. Haha. That's it for today! Will blog about the turtle experience and my whole journey that Im about to venture tommorow!

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