Thursday, September 3, 2009

Cherating (part ll)

Sorry for the late posting of part 2.
Anyway, I won't tell any grandmother stories for this post. Currently not in the mood of blogging. I'll sumarize everything if possible.
By the way, we did not see the turtle because my dad was tired of waiting. It was kind of sad that we missed the turtle watching. Anyway, the next day, woke up and went for breakfast. Food sucked really bad! Then went back to our room and prepared to go to the beach. Unfornutely, it started to rain. It was really sad, seriously, not just for us but for the other kids there. They were sitting and looking at the beach and hoping for the rain to stop. Haha. Finally after few hours, the rain stopped. You should know what happens next. Straight run to the beach. My mom did not go by the way. She hates going into water that other people is in it.Haha.

At 1st my dad did not allo us to go deep. But ended up he himself going. The waves were kind of big that day. Splashed arpund for about 2 hours in the beach. Seriously, everyone including my father was acting like a kid when we were in the beach!

Next was dinner. I never had this kind of dinner in my life before. One word to describe everything from the food to the service, HORRIBLE!. We went there around 6 and came out around 8! Took so Goddamn long for the food to be served. Then halfway when we were eating, 'poof' the lights went off. Then the shop ownner fixed it and the next minute, the lights were gone again. If my maths is right, the lights went off for about 7 times! How you expect us to have our dinner with that situation! Finally, our light source was only a candle, just one for each table. Sweat a million times!

After dinner, we played fuseball and pool in the hotel lobby. Then, we went to Kerteh to see the oil producing factory. Took about an hour drive there. It was a dark and creepy journey.Finally, we reached there and I felt likr crying! It was so so so so so beautiful! The lightings made the place look like...erm... Matrix. That's the only word that comes out to my mind when I look at it. After that,went back to the hotel and the next day, went home.

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