Friday, September 18, 2009

MTV Video Music Awards 2009

This year, the Video Music Awards was one heck of a crazy show! Seriously, the whole Kanye West insulting Taylor Swift thing that made US President call Kanye a jackass!Just imagine a president calling you a jackass! Anyway, Kanye deserves it for insulting my girlfriend Taylor Swift! haha. I wont say much, watch the video yourself! Just so you know, he was asked to leave after that!

Besides that, Lady Gaga's performance also caused some contreversy because of the blood all over her body thing during her performance. Honestly though, she look kind of good with blood on her face. Pink's performance was crazy too. She performed in mid air with a tight swimming suit which covers only 1 side of her body. The other side was covered with only a sticker! I'm guessing Malaysian MTV will ban her performance. Typical Malaysian style.

The best performance for the night has to be the Michael Jackson tribute where Janet Jackson performs with some crazyly talented dancers! Go watch it in youtube! It's worth it!

The craziest celebrity dressing has got to be Lady Gaga. Her sense of dressing is out of the world! Check out the picture of her and Eminem on stage. By the way, she changed her outfit for 4 times and all of them are equally crazy!

This year, Eminem did not cause any contrerversy, infact he was more sober than he used to be. Kind of sad to him in his new personality if you ask me. I prefer the crazy blonde trash side of him! Anyway, he did present an award to Lady Gaga in a different kind of way. A short funny film which includes Tracy Morgan and Cindy Campbell and him.

Here's the short film plus the award giving to Lady Gaga by Eminem and Tracy

Here's Eminem accepting his award. He look so dull. He won for the Best Hip Hop Video

And not to forget, the most talked about moment in the world! Kanye West and Taylor Swift!

Here's some Eminem and Taylor Swift pictures!

Watch the premiere of Video Music Awards in Malaysia at 2pm channel 713(MTV) on Saturday (19 September)

P.S. Taylor Swift look stunning, beautiful,and gorgeous that night!


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