Saturday, September 19, 2009

Cockroach Karma!

It happen again! If you read my last post, you should know by now that I almost ate a leg of a cockroach. That was ALMOST!

I dont know how, but the leg has come to me again! It's like it has its mind of its own to come into my stomach. Seriously, I'm not making up stories, this is real! This time, it was in my Tau Foo Far. Let me write this in a story form to make things more interesting!

I woke up this morning to attend my Add Maths tuition. As usual, my mom goes to the market in Bandar Kinrara and buys Tau Foo Far for me. So every Sunday, it's more like Tau Foo Far day for me. Just so you know, I was not looking at the food when I was eating. As I was eating, all of a sudden, CRUNCH!. I took another bite and CRUNCH! again. Since when Tau Foo Far was crunchy?! So, I used my tounge to bring that so called crunchy thing to the tip of my tounge and used my finger to take it out of my mouth. It was black in colour so I thought it was the black sugar. What the hell was I thinkin! I wanted to put it back in my mouth but something told me to check once again what it was. And what the fuck, the hair was there! The same kind I saw in Steven's Corner that day! The only difference was it was 10 times smaller! Maybe part of it went into my stomach, I don't know! Straight away I went and puked! This time I seriously puked!
What a way to start my day!

My mom was like, maybe God wants you to eat cockrach's leg. What the fuck! Why me? Anyway, I learnt my lesson to look at my food properly before eating! I would also like to make a shoutout to all you motherfucking bastards who don't take care of the cleaniness when you sell food! So fucking stupid! This is the last I'll be buying Tau Foo Far from that stall! FUCK YOU!

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