Monday, September 7, 2009

The Curious Case Of The Cockroach Leg

Sounds like a title of a movie huh? Not really. It's a real story. Haha.

Here's what is it all about. After school, my mom sent Jason and Joshua home and then we headed to a restaurant in OUG. Ordered our food and drinks. I was dead hungry by the way at that small part of my fucked up life. So, as I was eating and drinking, all of a sudden......(You should know what happens), on the wall of the glass of my Milo that I ordered, the leg was there! I was still drinking at that time and was looking at it. Can't resist the taste, I have to say, they serve one of the best Iced Milo.

So, as I was drinking, I looked at the leg. I thought it was some Milo that is not dissolved properly in the water and I ALMOST, I repeat, ALMOST took the straw to suck that so called Milo. Then I looked closer and almost puked when I saw hair all around the leg. I knew it was a leg of a cockroach. Not just a cockroach, but a huge one! I have to admit, I'm abit fussy when it comes to food. Even a tiny piece of hair will make my dish end up being wasted in the trash can!

Anyway, my mom complained and as a return we got free warm water which by the way is already free! Everyone lost their appetite and left their food just like that. As for me, all those imagination start popping in my mind. Anyway, we did not pay for the drinks. That's about it. So next time, think twice before going to restaurants unless if you want to eat legs. Haha.

I still ask myself, where is the body of the cockroach!?

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