Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holiday Movies

Goodbye 1 week of movie-filled holidays! Time passes by so damn fast when we don't want it to pass! Anyway, I've been watching allot of movies during this recent holidays. So, I decided to share and recommend some really good shows. Trust me on this ;)

I watched this movie with Jason Leong and trust me, It's a really cool new action movie that everyone have to watch! The story is about a father rescuing his daughter. If you enjoy Man on Fire, then you will sure to enjoy this movie. If anyone interested, please contact Jason Leong because he owns that DVD.

2.Rush Hour
Haha! back to old times. Even though its an old movie, but the jokes are still the best! People who never heard or never seen this show, make sure go to the net and watch it! They are playing this show in Astro channel 411 too.

3.Forgetting Sarah Marshall
This is another funny comedy. The jokes are more towards the American Pie kind of jokes. So, this clearly shows that this is a sick show! Haha! Nowadays sick shows are the best comedies (Can I get a HELL YEAH from all the boys?!)

Well, these are the best shows among the shows that I have watched during the holidays.

P.S. Currently downloading shows are, Rush Hour 2, The Girl Next Door and Dodgeball.

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