Sunday, March 15, 2009

Unforgetable Prayers

Okay, I've got something really interesting to share with everyone.
I went back to Kedah yesterday to attend some sort of prayers held in my father's uncle's house.
I'll summarize everything and only write about the scary and cool stuff that happened on the prayers this morning.

At first, everything was boring (as usual, all prayers are long and boring), then suddenly, the God himself came down! I know, hard to believe! It's true, seriously, he came and possessed my father's uncle to come and bless everyone and demand for some things. Trust me, it was really scary! My father's uncle who is a really weak guy suddenly became strong and energetic. His voice was different, he was breathing hard and did some really scary stuff. I don't really know what God is that but He was really strict! The scary part was when everyone had to go to Him one-by-one to get his blessings! For a person who don't know how to speak Tamil and don't know nothing bout Indian culture, obviously will feel really scared to face Him. That person is me! At first I didn't want to go, but my mom made me go. Luckily He did not ask me anything!

Scary stuff:
1. At one point He became really mad (I don't know for what) and start walking around the whole house while screaming and scolding.

2. When He demanded cigars! He smoked really scarily!!!!
p.s. My father's uncle don't smoke!

After seeing this whole incident, I don't dare to fool around during prayers!!

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