Thursday, March 5, 2009

May 19th

I received the best news in the world today! The news is so good until it got me jumping and screaming like a mad person. Thank God I was home alone and nobody saw me doing that 'monkey- action'.

Okay, I know you guys are curious to know what is the news all about. Well, by looking at the title of my post, you should know it is something on the 19th of May.

Alright, here's what is going to happen on that magical day, (drum rolls) Eminem's forthcoming album titled 'Relapse' will be released! And to make things better, to apologize and to please all of his fans for the delay of his album release which was suppose to be last year, he now will be releasing the follow up of his album probably end of the year titled 'Relapse 2'. So it's 2 albums in a year! It's the biggest treat an Eminem fan can get :)

Anyway, to all of you who thinks Eminem is still a blonde, then you people are wrong! Here, check out the latest-new-looking Eminem.

Well, now you people should know why I shaved my hair! So stop asking the same freakin question every single day!

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