Saturday, March 7, 2009

Tear Gas Experience

Okay, you guys won't believe what happen to me and my family today. Want to know? Okay, here it goes...

It was a normal day, as usual, every Saturday wake up early for tuition. After tuition, my family and I went for lunch in a 'mamak' restaurant named 'Restoran ZK' in Jalan Maharajalela. It was my first time going there. From what I heard, they are famous for their 'Kari Kepala Ikan'. As we were waiting for the food to be served, we heard some police siren sound from far away (non-stop!). The sound was getting closer. So, some people from the restaurant went out to see what was going on. We were also curious to know so we looked out for awhile. After a few minutes, we saw the whole 'fun'. Guess what was going on? A big demonstration with angry protesters rioting the whole road with banners. They were protesting on the usage of Bahasa Melayu in schools.

So, thinking it was just a small demonstration, we 'enjoyed' ourselves by watching the 'big-walk' from the restaurant. It was all fun until the police start spraying tear gas! Seriously, it was a huge chaos! Everyone started screaming and showing their anger! As for us, we were stuck in the restaurant as the owner of the shop quickly closed the shutters to avoid those angry protesters to come and ambush the place. All of a sudden, my eyes start burning! I looked around, and saw the others in the restaurant start covering their face. It was a painful experience, so pain that one guy puked! We were all stucked in the 'tear gas area' and could not go out. Trust me, my eyes will pop out if I go out there! After awhile, the pain vanished, but the weird feeling is still there. We then continued eating. It did not just end there. The shutters were still closed and the angry protesters were still outside there demonstrating to show anger towards the government. The gas was then sprayed one more time! This time it was even stronger! They were hitting the shutters and pleading to open the shutters so that they can protect themselves from the strong tear gas. They've no idea that the gas is in the restaurant too!

Anyway, some of us were asked to go to the bathroom (less gas there). I managed to take some pictures in the bathroom :p So anyway, since the gas was too strong, we then went to the kitchen and used the back door to get our asses out of that place. We could not go to the car cause the place that we parked was filled with police, protesters and tear gas! So we walked to the Monorail station and took a train to Times Square to watch Nicol David play squash while waiting for those assholes to end the riot. I got a chance to take a one-on-one photo with Natalie (world no.4 squash player). Syeikh Muzafar, our astraunout was there as a VIP too.

Here's some pictures....

Holding the shutters to avoid the angry protesters from ambushing

Mom can't take it

Inside the bathroom. LOL!

I don't dare to post other demonstration photos. Don't want to get into trouble :) Anyway, I also took some pictures in Times Square. Take a look at it.

Nicol David!

Nicol David vs. Natilie ( Sadly, Natalie won)

Me and Natalie :)
Basically, that was how my Saturday went. Oh ya! did I mention that I got a new laptop after watching the match? Haha! So it was not a bad day after all!

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