Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We Made You

Yes people, 'We Made You' is Eminem's first single from his latest album Relapse. This single will be released on the 7th of April and the video will be out on the same day too! All Eminem fans, please mark you calender! This is no joke, I got proof! I got two super brand new photos which shows Eminem in a casino (Palms Casino in Las Vegas) sitting between Dr.Dre and 50 Cent on a video shoot for his song! Note to everyone: 50 Cent is not featured in this song.

Only I know how freakinly excited I am looking at the pictures! Don't worry, I'm not so stingy to not share with you. Here are the two brand new photos. Notice the new Eminem's hairstyle! Too bad if I copy his hairstyle, the teachers in my school sure will make a big fuss out of it!

Believe or not, I was so happy until I ask my mother to come and check out this photo! (I always tell all Eminem updates to my mom because she is excited for his comeback too!) She was shocked to see Eminem's new look and his decent attire. Haha. So so so so so so so happy! Happier than the day I got my PMR results!

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