Friday, April 3, 2009

My Song

It's been awhile since I last post any post. Wee Jien is complaining already. Haha. Anyway, guess what? I composed my own song and lyrics and recorded it! Actually it all started in school when me and Yen Wing were teasing Farnye and Kelly through singing (changing the lyrics of a song with really funny words). Suddenly I got so into the song and decided to complete the whole song with my own lyrics. Just for your information, the original song is called 'Superman' by 'Five or Fighting'. What I did was, remove the vocal of the song and start singing my own lyrics. Honestly, it sounded awful and I realized that I can't sing! But anyway, this is my first time editing an audio project, so I'm proud of it.
Trust me, the song is worst than Eminem's songs (allot of vulgar words). So for that reason, I decided not to post it anywhere. If Kelly hears it, she can sue me! haha. Anyway, it's more of a boy-kind-of-song. Im working on another new song too called 'Gay'. Oh yeah, the title of the 1st song that I created is 'Superman'. Basically the song is all about Farnye and Kelly. That's the furthers information I can give. But for the 'Gay' song, I'll try to do as 'clean' as I can so that I can post it on the net. :)

P.S Eminem's new song will b releasing on the 7th of April! 3 more days to go!!!!!!!

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