Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Almost Non-Vegetarian

First of all, in case if you don't know what day is today, It's Tamil New Year. So, to all my Indian friends, Happy New Year! I was asked not to eat any non-vege food today by my mum since today is New Year. So, with an aim 'Not-To-Eat-Any-Meat' I went to school. They had this lame 'Marching fire' (Kawad kebakaran) in school. As usual, our 'not-so-funny-but-thinks-he-is-funny' teacher was in charge of it.
Of all the days, they had to do it today with the sun 'smiling' so happily to us. Since I hate the Sun, I stayed in the P.A room for awhile. After the whole event ended, me, Andrew, Meng Leong, Yen Wing, Ze Zor, Hao Siong, and Kee Shin cleaned the basketball court. Honestly, it was fun!
Okay, get back to my 'Almost Non-Vegetarian' title. Still a vegetaian, I went to canteen and guess what? I bought chicken meat! I totally forgot that I'm a vegetarian for today. I took a small bite and only then I realized it was a meat! The next thing I remembered was, the meat was in the dustbin with my spit on the chewed part. Haha. Good bye 90 cents!

That's about it. Something to share with you my Almost Non-Vegetarian moments! Once again, Happy New Year!

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