Sunday, April 5, 2009

Two Turntables and a Microphone

Guess what? 2 days ago (Saturday), Eminem appeared in public! He was invited to induct a rap group named 'Run DMC' into the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame! Why Eminem you ask, simple, Eminem is a huge Run DMC fan since he was a little boy. So they chose Eminem to induct them. The best part of all is Eminem's outfit. He wore black leather jacket and a black hat (Run DMC's style). I posted some pictures of him that night.
He gave a 7 minutes speech before inducting them and trust me, he can give better speech than most of the ministers in our country! Seriously, I'm not telling this just because I'm a big fan of him. His speech made one of the member of Run DMC's wife in tears! Another thing that surprised me is, he bowed to them when he was giving the award! (Eminem never bowed to anyone before, he only makes fun of other celebrities).
To anyone who wants to listen to his speech (It's not those boring 'headmistress' kind of speech) It is posted everywhere! Here's the link.

Eminem and his signature pose!

2 members from Run DMC and Eminem

Eminem giving his speech

Eminem giving the award

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