Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Squirrels Invasion

Sitting on my living room sofa all alone with a packet of Famous Amos cookies on my left hand and the T.V remote control on my right hand, and enjoying myself home alone watching TV. It was in the afternoon.
Enjoying and singing along the songs played on MTV, then all of a sudden, I felt the weird 'there-is-another-creature-around-me' feeling. Something was moving and running around at my car porch. Even though I was not looking at the porch, but I can sense it. So, feeling curious to know what was it, I went nearer to the grills of my house to have a look. To my surprise, it was a very cute, small, tiny, baby squirrel wandering around!

Honestly, I have never seen a real life squirrel before. So, I got super excited, threw the remote and the packet of Famous Amos on the sofa, ran upstairs and grabbed my hand phone, and started taking pictures of the squirrel. I was scared to go out of my house, so I took pictures of the squirrel from inside with the sliding doors tightly shut.

After observing the squirrel for a couple of minutes, another squirrel came in! An exact replica of the 1st squirrel. They were running around and eating my plants! Still feeling scared and did not give a fuck about my plants, I stood there, the same position I was standing 10 minutes ago, I called my mum and told her about it.

After awhile, I got bored, so I got back to the sofa and continued with my Famous Amos!. Here's some pictures of the squirrel.

Okay, I won't miss my chance of writing something about Eminem. Haha. Just to let you know, his new single is leaked in the net. Title of the song is '3A.M.' The lyrics of the song is like the old classic Eminem songs. Shady is back! Anyway, the song is about him murdering people and things like that. The video will be out soon! To the Malaysian Government, don't ban any shit produced by Eminem!!!!!!

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