Saturday, April 4, 2009

3 Days To Go

Okay, once again, the post is about Eminem. This few months I'll be posting allot about Eminem because his album will be dropping soon. So I'll have allot of updates about him.
There's allot of things that I wish to share actually. I'll start with the new Eminem interview about his new releasing video on the 7th of April. If you ask my opinion, the video will be funny and certain celebrities name will go down because its Eminem! Every time he drops his album, the 1st video sure will be very funny and stupid and at least 1 celebrity will be 'affected'. Like for the 'Just Lose It' video, Michael Jackson was the victim! haha. For this new video, nobody knows who exactly are the unlucky celebrities but according to the new Eminem interview, he said there will be some 'celebrity bashing' in that song! (All the celebrities out there, BEWARE!)

Anyway, his new video will be releasing in MTV and the web at 6.a.m and every hour, they will playing that video in MTV on Tuesday (7th April). I told my mom that I don't want to go to school because I want to be the 1st person to see and listen to his new single in his website. But too bad my mom said no! So what I have to do is to wake up early on Tuesday and sit in front of my laptop!

The next thing is, Eminem has updated his Official Website to a totally new look already (not fully done yet, the word 'COMING SOON' is still there) It is now maroon colour themed. Last time was black. Go check out his website! .If you lazy to go, don't worry, I 'Print Screened' it. But If you go to his web yourself, you can get to see the interview of him!

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