Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Relapse Released!

Wuhuuuuuu is the only thing I can say right now! The moment I've been waiting for is finally here! Eminem's Relapse is finally released but sadly, not in Malaysia. It will take a couple of days or maybe weeks for the album to reach here. I'm not that angry though for the late release in Malaysia because even if it is released now, I can't be going to any CD store to buy the album. It would be better if it is out in the holidays!

Anyway, I'll cut short on this post because it's past midnight and I'll be having Maths and English exam later! Here's a newly posted picture by Eminem on Twitter.

P.S. To all of you who have Astro Channel 711, don't forget to tune in to this channel on the 21st of May at 11.30 p.m. to watch Jimmy Kimmel Live! Eminem will be doing a performance and also an interview. Mike Tyson will also be appearing as a guest.

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