Friday, May 15, 2009


Have anyone bought anything through the Internet before? Well, as for me, not even once.
But now, I'm in a super desperate situation. I need to buy some stuff through online. These kind of things are never sold in Malaysia. Okay, I'll tell you guys what is it that I want.

By now, you should know Eminem's album will be releasing next week (19th May). So, some other limited edition Eminem things are sold through the official Eminem website (Safe to buy, no cheating will occur).

Anyway, there's allot of package to choose from and the thing that made me so crazy is the 'Limited Edition Deluxe'. Want to know why? I'll tell you why. Here, check out for yourself what is in this package.

-Autographed 24x24 art-quality print hand signed by Eminem!!!!!
-Collectible Relapse pill bottle
-Jewelcase CD with full-color album artwork booklet and liner notes
-12" gatefold album vinyl
-Immediate pre-order download of '3am' video(iPod Compatible)
-A download link for the Premium Digital content will be emailed to you on 5/19

Yes, these are the things in this Deluxe Edition. The Problem is, the total amount is RM462.00. All I want is the autographed art but sadly, it only comes in this package! As an Eminem fan, I can't simply let these kind of things go away. I did asked my mom and brainwashed her to buy. But as usual, every mom's famous line 'Go ask your dad'. I haven't ask my dad yet because he'll sure scold me. But I got no choice, I HAVE to ask! It's Eminem's signature man!!
I don't mind using my own money to buy this. But I still have to get back to my dad for the Credit Card. Sweat.

Anyway, there is always a Plan B. I already asked Vicky to help me buy in case my father don't allow. I'm still keeping my finger crossed. Anyone who is no stranger to online shopping, do help me if possible. I'll definitely pay you back. Need not worry. :)

P.S. I screwed up my Biology and Chemistry paper today. The two most hated subject in one day! You got to be fuckin' kidding me!

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